Exploring AI’s Role in Healthcare Leadership


Date: 6 June 2024
Time: 1 p.m. GST

As modern healthcare systems grapple with ever-evolving challenges such as employee burnout and patient satisfaction, AI emerges as an opportunity to revolutionise clinical, operational, and administrative processes. This online workshop will explore the vital role of AI in addressing such challenges while assessing its current applications, necessary skills for implementation, and its impact on leadership roles within healthcare organisations.

What You'll Learn

  1. AI tools to deal with healthcare challenges such as patient burnout and patient satisfaction
  2. Current AI applications, skills, and potential impact on leadership roles
  3. Identifying AI potential risks
  4. Case study of successful AI implementation in healthcare

Who It's For

This course is best suited for leadership members in healthcare who are interested in broadening their perspectives on the subject matter.

Get Prepared

There is no preparatory work necessary for this course.

Course Expert(s)

Dr. Brian Spisak

Founder & Principal Consultant, Brian Spisak Consulting; Research Associate, National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, Harvard University, Unites States of America

Brian R. Spisak, PhD is an independent consultant dedicated to the thoughtful integration of advanced AI technologies within healthcare organizations, aiming to enhance efficiency, employee and patient satisfaction, and innovation in the workforce. He’s also a research associate at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University), a faculty member at the American College of Healthcare Executives, and the author of the best-selling book, Computational Leadership: Connecting Behavioral Science and Technology to Optimize Decision-Making and Increase Profits (Wiley, 2023).

His passion lies at the crossroads of AI and human factors, focusing on people and culture, leadership development, and process improvement. These areas align with his goals of boosting employee outcomes (e.g., reducing burnout and turnover) as well as overall patient satisfaction and value, ensuring that all parties benefit from enhanced efficiency and engagement. He’s also interested in how people-centered AI-powered tools can work in unison to improve these outcomes.

Dr. Spisak has over 15 years of experience innovating next-level results with diverse organizations, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Harvard, Meta, NATO, and PwC Health Industries Middle East. His recent achievements include a multi-billion-dollar digital transformation initiative for a national healthcare agency, the development of a data utilization strategy that significantly raised patient satisfaction for a large health system, and the co-creation of a process for enhanced patient assessment and seamless service coordination across multiple providers.


1.5 hours




Expert-Led - Online



Downloadable and shareable Certificate of Completion



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