Tailored Professional Development


Tailor a learning plan that suits the professional development needs of your organisation’s academics, researchers, and staff.

  • Topics of Expertise

    • Research Excellence

      Maximise research and improve quality, quantity, visibility, impact and commercialisation

    • Teaching Excellence

      Reform university curricula, enhance teaching, mentoring or assessment methods, and implement international best practices

    • Publishing Excellence

      Enhance the quality of scholarly journal content and management to increase global credibility, indexing, and impact

    • Library Excellence

      Modernise technology, services and staff professional skills to facilitate 21st century learning and research

    • World-Class Universities

      Assess, develop, and implement strategies to improve institutional quality, graduate employability and support global reputation ambitions

Online or On-Site Learning

Looking to enhance your staff capacity? KnE Learn helps you improve the knowledge and skills of your researchers and faculty members through customised, on-demand professional development master classes.

  • Expert-Led Training

    Our online live training is held virtually with a course expert and at a scheduled time. It allows learners to participate in highly engaging virtual classrooms and access training materials from anywhere. A great option for busy academics or those who cannot attend in-person training sessions.

  • On-Site Training

    Our on-site training is conducted in-person at a physical location such as your institution or training centre. This type of training offers hands-on learning experiences and allows learners to interact with our course experts and fellow participants in real-time.

Self-Paced Learning

KnE Learn offers subscriptions to online, self-paced professional development programmes for organisations looking to empower its employees.

Subscribe your faculty and staff to one of the self-paced programmes below or benefit from bulk discount pricing through our 12-month catalogue subscription.
Foundations of Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research
  • language English
  • Course Duration: 10 Hours
Statistics for Non-Statisticians
  • language English
  • Course Duration: 15 Hours
Unlocking and Managing Research Funding
  • language English
  • Course Duration: 5 Hours
Research Commercialisation
  • language English
  • Course Duration: 10 Hours
Building World Class Universities
  • language English
  • Course Duration: 20 Hours
Teaching Excellence
  • language English
  • Course Duration: 10 Hours
Let us Know Your Training Needs

Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive your customised training plan. Expert-led, on-site, and self-paced training each have their unique benefits. Our team will help you create the optimal training plan to serve your learners’ preferences and needs.

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