Presenting a Compelling Proposal and Securing the Deal


Presenting a Compelling Proposal and Securing the Deal course supports you as you design your project workload, create a compelling pitch and prepare to negotiate.


What You'll Learn

• How to plan and implement a project 

• Negotiation strategies

• The phases of securing a deal



This course consists of the following three modules:

1. Planning for Implementation

2. Getting Ready to Negotiate

3. Securing a Deal



By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

✓ Design project workload to identify potential choke points

✓ Plan a compelling pitch

✓ Prepare alternative negotiation positions

✓ Negotiate an agreement 

Who It's For

These online courses are particularly relevant for researchers and academics who are interested in commercialising their intellectual property or research output.

Get Prepared

This online course builds upon the concepts in the previous course, Developing a Commercial Proposal. We recommend you complete these courses sequentially. 


All courses are led by an expert instructor and filled with compelling examples, interactive worksheets, and opportunities for reflection. For this reason, we recommend you use a laptop or tablet if possible.

Course Expert(s)

Andrew Corcoran


Andrew's commercial career covers 34 years where he has worked in various management functions within the Construction (1986-1989), Manufacturing (1989-2001) and Higher Education (2001-2022) sectors.

He holds an MBA and an MA in Education, and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is an Associate Professor in Marketing at Nottingham University Business School.

Andrew has previously held Business Development roles both at Birmingham City University and the University of Worcester and started Blueberry Training Limited in 2004 to supply enterprise and knowledge exchange training to the Higher Education sector and is the author of Academic Enterprise: A Field Guide (ISBN 9780956457240).


The Research Commercialisation programme is a four-course knowledge track that supports academics and researchers with the foundations and strategies to begin or continue commercialising their research. 


The Research Commercialisation knowledge track includes the following online courses:

  1. Becoming an Entrepreneurial Academic
  2. Identifying Potential Clients and Understanding Their Needs
  3. Developing a Commercial Proposal
  4. Presenting a Compelling Proposal and Securing the Deal 


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2 Hours




Self-Paced - Online



Downloadable and shareable Certificate of Completion



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