Employability Essentials


Employability Essentials is a three-course programme that supports students and professionals as they navigate their career journey. From getting a job to cultivating communication and leadership skills, this programme supports upcoming graduates and experienced professionals in:


• getting the right job,

• cultivating skills for career advancement,

• and developing leadership skills.


Employability Essentials includes the following courses:

1. Career Planning 

2. 21st Century Skills (expected September 2024)

3. Communication Skills (expected September 2024)


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Career Planning provides practical support for professionals who are pursuing employment opportunities. This course includes the elements of a strong CV and cover letter and strategic approaches to interview preparation.


21st Century Skills explores key skills that support career advancement. This includes strategic approaches to collaboration, critical thinking, digital literacy, and time management.

Communication Skills explores communication modes and successful workplace onboarding. This course also highlights the development of key leadership skills.

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These courses are particularly relevant for new or recent graduates, but it is also helpful for experienced professionals looking for new opportunities.


All courses are led by an expert instructor and filled with compelling examples of real grants, interactive exercises, and opportunities for reflection. For this reason, we recommend you use a laptop or tablet if possible.

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Dr Peter Mitchell


Dr Peter Mitchell is an Oxford-educated consultant, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, who has authored internationally renowned career development courses for graduates and aspiring professionals. An entrepreneur and educator, he has partnered with Knowledge E to create a unique programme for ambitious students, graduates, and specialists as they embark or continue on their professional journeys.



6 Hours




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